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Flossing 101: The Do’s and Don’ts


Did you know that there was more to flossing than simply running a strand of thread between your teeth? It’s not just important to floss, but more so to floss CORRECTLY. We’ve put together a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when flossing so you can make the most out of it: DO floss every day Brushing your teeth alone won’t help you maintain good oral health because it doesn’t physically reach between your teeth. This is where gum disease and cavities tend to originate from the most. You need to this at least every day to reduce … Continue reading

4 Signs of TMJ Disorder


TMJ disorder is a painful condition that affects the jaw joints on either side of your mouth. You rely on these joints to talk and eat each day so any damage to them can significantly affect your normal functioning. We’ve listed out some of the most common warning signs of TMJ disorder. If you experience any of the below, it’s time to schedule a consultation with our dentist! Misaligned Teeth Crooked or misaligned teeth are far more than an aesthetic concern. Because of their alignment, your jaw joints need to place more strain in order to chew and grind your … Continue reading

Why Are Your Teeth Sensitive?


Teeth sensitivity is one of the most common dental conditions our patients face at Port Melbourne Dental. If you experience a sharp pain when you bite into hot food or take a sip of a cold drink, or maybe while brushing your teeth, this means that you have increased tooth sensitivity. It helps to understand the causes of this so you know what to avoid or watch out for: Tooth decay One of the most common factors contributing to tooth sensitivity is cavities (or even an abscessed tooth). Not all cases of tooth decay are painful so you might even … Continue reading

Why Do You Need Fluoride Treatment?


Ever noticed your dentist carrying out fluoride treatment after your routine scale and clean? Fluoride treatment is a highly recommended option for patients of all ages. At Port Melbourne Dental, we carry out this treatment too, and here’s why: Reduces tooth sensitivity If you suffer from increased tooth sensitivity to things like your morning coffee, tooth paste or a change in temperature, you’ll definitely benefit from fluoride treatment. The cause of your sensitivity could be an indication of your tooth’s reaction to stimuli or an early sign of receding gums. Applying fluoride acts as a desensitizing treatment that will help … Continue reading

How to Deal With Gum Recession


Do you have receding gums that make you feel extra conscious about your smile? Chances are, you also feel increased sensitivity too. This is a common dental condition that affects lots of people, but the good news is that if addressed quickly, it’ll be kept under control! What causes gum recession? Receding gums can be caused by several different factors. On one end of the spectrum, it could be due to factors outside your control like genetic makeup and oral anatomy. Or, it also could be due to a simpler problem that’s easily fixed like brushing too aggressively. Teeth grinding, … Continue reading

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