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When Should You Replace Your Tooth


Have a loose tooth or recently experienced a dental injury? You may be wondering if it’s best to have your tooth removed or if there’s any restorative treatment available.  At Port Melbourne Dental we try our hardest to preserve your natural teeth, but in certain instances, tooth extraction (and perhaps replacement) may be the only option available. Here are some of those instances: Non-restorable teeth A non-restorable tooth is usually either severely damaged or decayed beyond repair. In this stage, investing in a filling or crown will only be a waste of time and money. In order to keep your … Continue reading

Why Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed


Many teens and young adults often opt to get their wisdom teeth removed. For some, the third molars don’t give much trouble but for those that do encounter problems, extraction is often the best course of action. Why is that? High risk of decay It’s quite common for wisdom teeth to only partially erupt due to a lack of space. This means a good portion of the tooth remains beneath the gumlines. This combined with the third molars being hard to reach, means they decay and develop gum disease far more easily. These infections can also easily spread to adjacent … Continue reading

What Happens During Your Scale and Clean?


Scheduling a scale and clean with your dentist plays a vital role in keeping oral diseases at bay and also helps you intercept any dental conditions as early as possible. Aside from having buildup of plaque and tartar removed, here are some of the other activities involved in your routine scale and clean: Measuring gum levels Your surrounding soft and hard tissues are held responsible for keeping your teeth stable. At your scale and clean, our hygienist will be able to measure the surrounding tissues and compare it to X-rays to get a comprehensive analysis that includes bone height as … Continue reading

Common Side-Effects of Teeth Grinding

patient-with-teeth grinding

Teeth grinding, also referred to as Bruxism, is a condition many people are prone to. Usually brought on by stress, this can be a daytime habit or can even occur while you sleep. Teeth grinding has many harmful effects on your dental health. Learn about the signs so you can intercept Bruxism early hand! Worn Teeth The most common sign of Bruxism is flat, worn down or sharp teeth. If they seem shorter than they once were, this might be an indication that you’re clenching your teeth regularly without even knowing! Over time, the nerve of your tooth can become … Continue reading

When Should You Get Dental Implants?


Offering the best return on investment, dental implants are the best solution for the replacement of missing teeth! When is the ideal time for you to consider getting a dental implant? Is there ever a time when you should avoid getting one? Read on for more information! Age Implants are available only for patients who have fully developed and matured teeth. In most cases, this means individuals have to be 18 years of age or older when considering eligibility for this restoration. This is a safe procedure, but facial features have to be fully formed when fitting in a permanent … Continue reading

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