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Things to Consider When Getting Your Dental Veneers


Dental veneers are thin cosmetic restorations that are usually the ideal treatment to mask a number of minor aesthetic issues. You can get whiter teeth and a straighter smile in a shorter duration of time! Whether part of a complete smile makeover or a standalone dental treatment, here’s what you need to consider when getting your veneers: How many are needed Veneers are primarily bonded to the front teeth in your smile zone, so when you smile, it’s usually these number of teeth that will require veneers. Most of our patients opt for 6 veneers to start with but it’s … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your 6 Month Dental Checkup!


Always had a healthy smile with minimal dental issues and thought, “Why not just skip this checkup, I don’t really have any issues to worry about anyway!” Then this article is for you! Before you realize it, you’ve skipped multiple checkups and while it may not seem like a big deal, here’s why making that appointment is imperative, whether you have healthy teeth or not. Prevention “Prevention is better than cure” is the basic underlying concept of your 6 month checkups. The goal is to prevent common dental issues through education, monitoring and consistent maintenance via various preventative methods that … Continue reading

When Should You Touch Up On Your Whitening?


If you’ve ever whitened your smile before, you may be wondering when the ideal time for a touch-up would be to keep your smile bright for months to come. Your touch-up will usually include you wearing your whitening tray for an hour each day, for a few consecutive days. Here are some instances we would recommend touching up on your whitening: After a checkup We generally recommend a checkup every 6 months in order to polish away any surface stains that have accumulated between appointments. These sessions involve a thorough evaluation of your dental health and the removal of plaque … Continue reading

Do Adults Make Great Orthodontic Patients?


Ever considered orthodontic treatment but thought it may be far too late because of your age? This is not the case! At Port Melbourne Dental, some of our most successful cases have been adult patients! Here’s why you’ll be a great fit for orthodontic treatment: Better commitment After a few months, the novelty of starting braces and orthodontic treatment wears off, and most of our younger patients tend to feel less motivated to follow through with their after-care recommendations. Adult patients are usually more understanding of the commitment and pay better attention to their home care instructions and seeing the … Continue reading

What is Cosmetic Teeth Straightening?


Ever wished you could straighten your teeth without a lengthy treatment like braces? Cosmetic teeth straightening might be your best shot. Unlike conventional orthodontic treatment which aims to fix comprehensive issues with your bite, cosmetic teeth straightening is designed to fix small, aesthetic concerns particularly with regards to the teeth in your “smile zone”. They offer a more discreet solution. Why straighten your teeth? A bright and confident smile is a powerful asset that goes beyond just aesthetics. Many people consider teeth straightening not just for its cosmetic advantages but also for the numerous benefits it brings to your oral … Continue reading

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