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Sleep Dentistry in Port Melbourne

At Port Melbourne Dental Care, our patients can leave their fears and anxieties behind. Our anaesthetic centre works together with Office Based Anesthetic Solutions (OBAS) to provide excellent sleep dentistry in Port Melbourne.

Each General anaesthetic procedure is performed by a qualified anaesthetist at our Wantirna South location. Office-Based Anaesthetic Solutions (OBAS) provides our practice with a team of highly skilled medical staff to ensure each procedure is performed under medical supervision.

At PMD, our General Anaesthetics include IV (intravenous) sedation for quick absorption and fast recovery. IV sedation is designed to relax you and make you completely comfortable.

General Anaesthetic

Performed by our specialist anaesthetist, patients will be unconscious for the duration of the procedure. All the equipment you would find in a hospital is available on-site to ensure your safety throughout the procedure supervised at all times by our specialist anaesthetist. Patients under general anaesthetics will sleep through their entire dental procedure unaware of the sight, smell and sound easing fear anxiety and discomfort.

General anaesthetic is recommended for more complex procedures which can be determined at your consult appointment.

We understand a visit to the dentist may be daunting but don’t let that prevent you from receiving the treatment that you require.

At PMD Dental Care we offer our patients the choice of receiving their dental treatment under a general anaesthetic or nitrous oxide sedation. A consultation is required to determine whether treatment is possible under these conditions.

Dr Michael Kotsifakis graduated from Melbourne University with his Bachelor of Dental Science degree in 1988. His interests are in oral surgery and he attends continued educational programs both locally and internationally, (Branemark Centre Perth, UCLA USA, Benn University Switzerland).

Dr. Kotsifakis has been practising dentistry under general anaesthesia since 1989 at many private day hospitals (Dandenong Surgicentre, Knox Surgicentre and Melbourne Eastern Private Hospital).

In order to facilitate our patients and to be able to perform in-office dental procedures we have brought the anaesthetics to our respective clinical sites. This allows for most dental procedures to be performed to a higher standard.

Happy Gas — Nitrous Oxide Sedation

This option for sleep dentistry in Melbourne incorporates the use of nitrous oxide inhalation as a safe and effective technique to reduce anxiety and produce analgesia (pain relief) for the patient. Nitrous oxide is absorbed rapidly, allowing for a rapid onset and recovery.

Nitrous oxide is a colourless, odourless gas that is mixed with oxygen and administered through a small mask placed over your nose. When you inhale the gas it induces a state of relaxation, helping to ease anxiety and discomfort. Nitrous oxide can make your dental experience much more comfortable, making it the best choice if you’re anxious about getting dental treatments.

This is a safe sedation method and its effects wear off quickly after the treatment, allowing our patients to resume their daily activities.

IV Sedation

Intravenous sedation is a mild dose of general anaesthetic where patients are sedated but conscious and breathing on their own. The patient is in a twilight state where they are relaxed and “sleepy” but able to follow simple directions by the dentist and is responsive. The procedure is performed under medical supervision by our specialist anaesthetist.

During IV sedation, a sedative medication is delivered through an intravenous line directly into your bloodstream. This then induces a deeper state of relaxation compared to other sedation methods. Since you are deeply sedated, our dentists can often complete extensive procedures in a single visit, reducing the need for multiple appointments.

IV sedation is ONLY suitable for small cases such as minor extractions, fillings and general dentistry.


Sedation dentistry offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Anxiety Reduction: It helps anxious patients feel more relaxed, making dental visits less stressful.
  • Pain Management: Can effectively control pain, ensuring a comfortable and pain-free experience.
  • Time Efficiency: Our patients can often sit through longer or multiple treatments in a single visit. This reduces the need for multiple appointments
  • Minimised Gag Reflex: Sedation helps to reduce the gag reflex, making it easier for our dentists to work on specific areas of your mouth.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Patients experience a more comfortable and less stressful dental experience.

Am I a candidate for sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is typically recommended for individuals who experience anxiety or fear related to dental procedures. It is also used for patients who have a low pain threshold, a strong gag reflex or a need for lengthy dental treatments.

Candidates might also include individuals with a history of traumatic dental experiences and medical conditions that make sitting for prolonged periods of time challenging along with children who require extensive dental work. Additionally, if you are undergoing complex procedures that might cause discomfort, such as wisdom teeth removal or dental implants, you could be a suitable candidate for sleep dentistry. 

At Port Melbourne Dental, your comfort is our priority. Depending on the treatment needed, your preferences and your unique case needs, we will assess if sleep dentistry is required and which type of sleep dentistry would be best suited for you.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss eligibility and other factors.

Is Sleep Dentistry Safe For Everyone?

Sleep dentistry is performed by our highly trained and experienced dental professionals ensuring your safety, comfort and well-being throughout the treatment. We carefully evaluate several factors such as your medical history and case to determine the most suitable sedation method. It’s essential to have an open and honest conversation with our dentists about any concerns you may have.

Why Choose Port Melbourne Dental

Take a step towards achieving and maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile when you choose Port Melbourne Dental for sleep dentistry services and more.

  • Our dental team consists of highly experienced professionals who are skilled in a wide range of dental services ensuring that you receive the highest quality of care for your oral health needs.
  • Port Melbourne offers a comprehensive range of dental treatments from routine check-ups and cleanings to advanced treatments such as dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, emergency dental and more.
  • Our clinic is equipped with modern technology, which allows for more accurate diagnostics and treatments.
  • We tailor treatment plans to suit your unique individual requirements so that you receive the right care.

Our friendly team is always ready to assist patients with urgent needs anytime 7 days a week to accommodate any problems that may arise. Contact our friendly staff on 03 9646 5100.