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Gum Disease While Pregnant?


Every woman responds differently to pregnancy. But in the midst of this massive hormonal shift, even your oral health can get affected in the process. Some women may have also noticed they bleed from their gums more easily. Make sure to pay attention to your oral health as it can definitely contribute to your well-being while pregnant, or even your ability to conceive! The efficiency of your immune system Did you know there are studies that link your oral health to your reproductive health? According to research, active gum disease can make it more difficult to conceive. This is because … Continue reading

How To Treat An Abscessed Tooth


An abscessed tooth typically means you have an infected inner nerve. Not only is this quite painful, but if not given immediate attention, you could also lose your tooth! Since an abscess is on the inside of your teeth, this is not something you can handle by yourself. Instead, you’ll need a dental professional to access the inner nerve and remove any dying tissue. Root canal treatment Endodontic therapy or root canal treatment clears away any dental infection and dying tissue, preserving your tooth so you can use it for years to come. In this procedure, the area is numbed, … Continue reading

Your Guide to Implant Supported Dentures


Looking for an affordable alternative to dental implants? Implant-supported dentures are a great option to consider! They use fewer dental implants (as little as 2-6) and can support up to a full prosthetic arch of teeth. Also called overdentures, here’s what you need to know about this treatment if you’re considering your options for missing teeth: What are implant-supported dentures? Overdentures combine the use of dentures and dental implants to give you a more secure and comfortable tooth replacement method. A set of prosthetic and removable teeth are secured to your jaw via the use of dental implants, which help … Continue reading

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Overdentures Last


Your overdentures are designed to be more comfortable and secure than dentures, and an affordable alternative to dental implants. You’ll still want to get the most out of your overdentures, however, and to make sure this investment lasts for years to come, here are four steps we recommend taking regularly: Use a non-abrasive toothpaste Just like your natural teeth, bacteria can easily accumulate on overdentures and lead to decay over time if not consistently cleaned. It’s important to clean your prosthetic teeth each day to keep it bacteria-free and to also minimize any stain accumulation. The best way to do … Continue reading

Why Should You Get An Athletic Mouthguard?


Be it football, gymnastics, or any other physically exerting activity, a mouthguard is one of the best pieces of protective equipment you can invest in. At Port Melbourne Dental we highly recommend having a custom mouthguard made if you’re involved in athletic activities over an over-the-counter product, as having a snug fit to your exact smile is important in order to be effective. Here are some of the benefits of having a mouthguard: Lowered risk of concussions Did you know that during a traumatic injury to the face, your jaw can get pushed backward and up into the skull, causing … Continue reading

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