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When Should You Get Dental Implants?

Offering the best return on investment, dental implants are the best solution for replacement of missing teeth! When is the ideal time for you to consider getting a dental implant? Is there ever a time when you should avoid getting one? Read on for more information! Age Implants are available only for patients who have fully developed and matured teeth. In most cases, this means individuals have to be 18 years of age or older when considering eligibility for this restoration. This is a safe procedure, but facial features have to be fully formed when fitting in a permanent restoration … Continue reading

Should You Whiten Before Cosmetic Treatments?

Considering a cosmetic dental procedure like bonding, replacing a few fillings or veneers? You might want to consider whitening your teeth before making any amount of aesthetic changes to your smile and here’s why! Dental work doesn’t whiten Any dental restoration you’ve had including composite bonding, porcelain veneers or white fillings won’t respond to whitening treatments. They contain ceramic materials that allow them to stay the same color. Superficial stains may form over time but these can be easily removed and the foundation of the material will remain the same. Brighter comparison base We usually match your dental restorations to … Continue reading

Missing Teeth Should Be Replaced ASAP!

Did you lose your tooth or need to have it extracted? You’ll want to have this tooth replaced ASAP to prevent a plethora of oral health conditions! This is what it can lead to if you leave that gap unheeded for a long period of time: Opposite tooth may super-erupt Across your smile, each tooth is formed with a biting partner on the opposite arch. When one is removed, the other that bites against it may “erupt” further of its socket in an attempt to search for a partner. Misalignment Your mouth is formed out of teeth that support each … Continue reading

Signs you have a sleeping disorder!

Did you know the inside of your mouth can show us if you’re suffering from a sleeping disorder? Depending on which type of sleeping disorder you have, for example, a condition like obstructive sleep apnoea can leave classic signs along the inside of your mouth. Here are some of the factors we base our diagnosis on: Flat teeth As a response to deprivation of oxygen to the brain, people with sleep disorders tend to clench their jaws. Over time, this can wear down your teeth quite a bit, giving it a flat appearance. You’ll also notice your teeth having sharper … Continue reading

What Your Toothache Says About Your Dental Health

Different types of toothaches often imply different health conditions. Some may be less concerning whereas otherwise would need an immediate visit to the dentist. Here’s what you need to know about your toothaches and what it means for your dental health. Sharp pains In the case of cavities, you usually can’t tell you have one until the symptoms are quite severe. However, if you experience any sudden, sharp pains, this could be an early indication of tooth decay. We recommend getting a checkup ASAP to intercept tooth decay early before it becomes more problematic. Pain when biting If you’re experiencing … Continue reading