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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your 6 Month Dental Checkup!


Always had a healthy smile with minimal dental issues and thought, “Why not just skip this checkup, I don’t really have any issues to worry about anyway!” Then this article is for you! Before you realize it, you’ve skipped multiple checkups and while it may not seem like a big deal, here’s why making that appointment is imperative, whether you have healthy teeth or not.


“Prevention is better than cure” is the basic underlying concept of your 6 month checkups. The goal is to prevent common dental issues through education, monitoring and consistent maintenance via various preventative methods that lower your risk of decay.

Minor, Reversible Problems

Did you know in severe stages, gum disease is complex and costly to treat, and often has irreversible effects such as tooth loss? When caught in its earliest stages through routine checkups, gingivitis and tooth demineralization can be intercepted and reversed, with easy preventative measures!

More Affordable

Once intercepted in earlier stages, you’ll also find that the preventative steps and treatments you have to take are far easier on the wallet too. Patching up a small cavity with a filling is far more cost-effective than having to resort to a crown or root canal treatment.

Even for the healthiest smiles, the risk of tooth decay is always present and often goes unnoticed until it’s reached severe stages. This is why we recommend a dental checkup every 6 months for professional cleaning and a thorough assessment of your oral health.

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