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Why Do You Need Fluoride Treatment?


Ever noticed your dentist carrying out fluoride treatment after your routine scale and clean? Fluoride treatment is a highly recommended option for patients of all ages. At Port Melbourne Dental, we carry out this treatment too, and here’s why:

Reduces tooth sensitivity

If you suffer from increased tooth sensitivity to things like your morning coffee, tooth paste or a change in temperature, you’ll definitely benefit from fluoride treatment. The cause of your sensitivity could be an indication of your tooth’s reaction to stimuli or an early sign of receding gums. Applying fluoride acts as a desensitizing treatment that will help reduce your discomfort for at least 3 to 4 months.

Remineralize high-risk areas

If you catch decay in its earliest stages, you can prevent any physical hole or irreversible damage to your tooth. In early stages, decay will appear as demineralized surfaces (most often characterized by a chalky white surface in comparison to surrounding enamel). In your regular checkup with the dentist, he/she will scan for these areas and then apply fluoride treatment to prevent it from worsening.

Reduced risk of cavities

Fluoride treatment significantly strengthens your enamel and, as a result, reduces your risk of cavities. If you’re prone to frequent cavities, or have any older fillings, we recommend fluoride treatment as an effective solution to reduce your risk of tooth decay.

Feel like you can benefit from fluoride treatment? Simply schedule your regular scale and clean with Port Melbourne Dental and we’ll make sure your dental health is well taken care of!