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Why Do My Teeth Keep Getting Stained?


Wondering why your teeth keep getting stained easily? Or find yourself opting for teeth whitening often? When you know what reacts with your enamel and darkens it, it’s easier to take proactive measures that’ll help your smile look your best.

Your diet

Teeth are porous. This means that they are capable of naturally soaking up stain particles from foods and drinks we consume. Things like red wine, tea and coffee and are some of the most common staining beverages you need to watch out for! This is why we often recommend washing your mouth with water regularly and after each meal, it helps rinse your mouth of any staining particles.

Environmental factors

Did you know certain environmental factors or lifestyles can stain your teeth? For example, high mineral content in water supply can cause your teeth to develop in a manner where they are more susceptible to visible stains. People who swim competitively on a regular basis may also notice that pool chlorination can cause stains on their teeth after several months. This can easily be polished away with a regular scale and clean, however.


Perhaps you simply have naturally dark teeth and this doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with your smile! The layer of tooth structure under your enamel is yellow but due to certain genetic factors, it’s possible for this layer to be thicker and darker than the average, with thinner enamel spanning over it, allowing the darker colour to show through more.

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