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Why do Bone Levels Matter?


Have you ever heard our Port Melbourne dentists discussing the bone levels around your teeth? You may have wondered if bone height and quantity is important when it comes to your teeth. After all, your gum tissues help hold them in, too.

But your bone is foundational to a healthy, stable smile. You could compare it to setting a post down into cement. The deeper and more coverage there is around the pole, the more secure it will be to support a fence. But if the cement base is shallow, the post can start to rock or lean when force is applied to it. It’s the same with your smile!

During your checkup, we’ll measure bone levels using a small tool as well as dental X-rays. If you have deep gum pockets, this signals that there is bone loss taking place around your teeth. We can compare yearly X-rays to show you changes your smile has made throughout the years. Over time, it can lead to gum recession, tooth mobility, and tooth loss. And if you have hopes of getting dental implants, you might be out of luck, because implants require a certain amount of bone to help support them!

Fortunately, ongoing home care, regular scales and cleans, and even grafting treatments can help you maintain healthy bone levels around your teeth. So, if you have concerns about implant qualifications or tooth loss, be sure to let our Port Melbourne dentists know!

At PMD Dental Care, we look at your entire smile; not just your teeth! Everything from your gums and bone to your overall wellness has a role to play in the long term health of your teeth. If it’s been longer than six months since your last exam, be sure to call us today to schedule a checkup!