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When Should You Touch Up On Your Whitening?


If you’ve ever whitened your smile before, you may be wondering when the ideal time for a touch-up would be to keep your smile bright for months to come. Your touch-up will usually include you wearing your whitening tray for an hour each day, for a few consecutive days. Here are some instances we would recommend touching up on your whitening:

After a checkup

We generally recommend a checkup every 6 months in order to polish away any surface stains that have accumulated between appointments. These sessions involve a thorough evaluation of your dental health and the removal of plaque as well. With your enamel being freshly cleaned, it will respond better to whitening agents.

Before dental work

Considering getting a new crown or filling? These are made out of ceramic or composite materials that don’t react to whitening agents if you decide to whiten your teeth later. So it’s often recommended that you whiten your teeth before getting dental work done in order to match the new restoration to your whitened smile, allowing us to select the best shade of material for the job.

If you drink staining substances

Certain liquids you consume can stain your teeth more than others. Particularly darker liquids like coffee, tea, red wine etc. are easily absorbed by your enamel, making your teeth look darker in no time. You’ll have to touch up every 3-4 months if you regularly drink these substances.

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