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What Your Toothache Says About Your Dental Health


Different types of toothaches often imply different health conditions. Some may be less concerning whereas otherwise would need an immediate visit to the dentist. Here’s what you need to know about your toothaches and what it means for your dental health.

Sharp pains

In the case of cavities, you usually can’t tell you have one until the symptoms are quite severe. However, if you experience any sudden, sharp pains, this could be an early indication of tooth decay. We recommend getting a checkup ASAP to intercept tooth decay early before it becomes more problematic.

Pain when biting

If you’re experiencing any discomfort while chewing, this could mean you have a cracked tooth or gum disease. A cracked tooth affects your root structure whereas gum disease affects the soft tissue surrounding your tooth. An x-ray will quickly provide an answer as to where the pain is stemming from.


Sometimes, your toothache could be a result of sinus problems. When you come in for your checkup, make sure to let us know of any allergies and sinus congestion so we can rule out all factors when making a diagnosis.

Dull ache

A dull ache could potentially be caused by gum disease or any injury around your teeth that can give way to soreness. It could also be caused by certain types of tooth decay.

Sensitivity to changes in temperature

It’s fairly normal to be sensitivity to cold beverages and foods. However, if you consume hot foods or beverages and this gives way to a toothache, you’ll have to schedule in a consultation with our dentist to identify if there’s any nerve damage and if root canal treatment is necessary.

The best thing to do when experiencing a toothache is to set up an appointment ASAP! At Port Melbourne Dental, we’re highly experienced in diagnosing and treating all sorts of dental problems so call us for quick assistance!