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What to do if You Knock Out a Tooth

Knocked out teeth. They happen in bathrooms, on the ball field, and even from getting bumped in the mouth by an elbow or grandchild. Whatever the cause, it’s important to act fast!

If you knock out a tooth, follow these important steps:


  1. Locate the Tooth

Are you in a place where the tooth can be found? You might think it’s a lost cause, but acting quickly is essential. It never hurts to look.


  1. Only Handle it by the Crown

Do NOT touch the root of the tooth. It’s covered in hundreds of tiny fibres that could help to reinsert your tooth and stabilize it again.


  1. Rinse Away Any Visible Debris

Never scrub your tooth clean. But if there is visible debris, gentle running water is all you need to rinse it away.

OPTIONAL: At this point, some people decide to try to reinsert their knocked out tooth back into their mouth. If it goes into the socket, that’s fine. But don’t force it.


  1. Keep it Moist

If you can’t reinsert the tooth, you need to store it in a sealed container so that you don’t lose it. Make sure it’s fully submerged in a liquid, preferably milk or contact solution. If neither of those are on hand, use tap water and a pinch of salt.


  1. Call Our Port Melbourne Dentists

Reinserting a knocked out tooth needs to happen within 1-2 hours of your emergency. Call us straightaway to let us know you’re on your way to our office.


  1. Manage Your Pain

An anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen and a cool compress can alleviate your discomfort until we’re able to see you.


Emergency Dentists in Port Melbourne

PMD Dental care is here to help you with same-day care for any dental emergency. Contact our Port Melbourne dentists today for fast pain relief!