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Why Are Your Teeth Sensitive?


Teeth sensitivity is one of the most common dental conditions our patients face at Port Melbourne Dental. If you experience a sharp pain when you bite into hot food or take a sip of a cold drink, or maybe while brushing your teeth, this means that you have increased tooth sensitivity. It helps to understand the causes of this so you know what to avoid or watch out for:

Tooth decay

One of the most common factors contributing to tooth sensitivity is cavities (or even an abscessed tooth). Not all cases of tooth decay are painful so you might even have it, but not know it! This is why we often recommend visiting your dentist every 6 months to catch tooth decay in its earliest stages!

Whitening products

Research shows that commercial/ over-the-counter whitening products play a big role in causing tooth sensitivity. These products tend to open up pores in teeth and may contain harsh abrasives that wear down on your enamel. If you need to get your teeth whitened, we recommend sticking to the safest option, which is working with a dental professional.

Gum recession

When suffering from receding gums, this leaves the roots of your teeth exposed to outer stimuli. This means these areas are more tender or sore since they’re not covered by your protective enamel. Treatments for this include a gum graft, bonding or desensitizing treatment.

Enamel erosion

Over time, due to excessive wear or acid erosion from the foods you consume, your enamel can erode. As your tooth becomes thinner, this means there is less protection being provided and the nerve inside may become more sensitive to outer stimuli.

Suffering from tooth sensitivity? Call Port Melbourne Dental today. We’ll help you figure out the underlying cause and treat it!