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Top 3 Causes of Tooth Pain


Not all toothaches are created equal (or due to cavities.) If you’re experiencing tooth pain, the type of discomfort and how frequent it is can be a good indication as to what’s causing it.

Although this isn’t a comprehensive list of toothache causes, here are the top three sensitivity issues that we see in our Port Melbourne dentist office.

Receding Gums

When your gumlines recede — or pull back down the tooth — your roots become exposed to the external environment around them. They weren’t made for that. In fact, they’re covered in tiny pores and nerve endings, which are extremely sensitive to stimuli. If you were to whiten your teeth or drink something cold, you’ll probably experience a jolting sensation in those areas of root exposure.

Whitening Products

Over the counter whitening kits and strips open the pores of your tooth enamel, making teeth more sensitive when you’re breathing, brushing them, or drinking. One of the first things we screen for when people complain of tooth pain and sensitivity is which whitening products they’re using at home. If you want a brighter smile without unnecessary irritation, as PMD Dental Care for help!


Not every cavity hurts. But if you have a tooth that tends to flare up with sharp pain when you eat certain things, it could be tooth decay. Most cavities are sensitive to sweets, such as flavoured drinks or the occasional dessert. More severe toothaches could be linked with aggressive decay and abscesses, which occur when the cavity reaches the nerve inside of your tooth.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, don’t ignore it. Call PMD Dental Care in Port Melbourne to have it looked after as quickly as possible. The sooner we intervene, the less chance there is of the condition becoming aggressive. Contact us today.