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Symptoms of Abscessed Teeth


An abscessed tooth can cause the most painful toothache that you’ve ever experienced. But dental abscesses can also be pain-free, because the nerve of the tooth has died. 

If you’re not sure whether you have an ongoing abscess, our Port Melbourne dentists want you to look out for these other common symptoms:

A Fistula on Your Gums

Fistulas look like small pimples. They may come and go or be various sizes. They’re caused by infection draining out the tip of your tooth root and seeping through the bone until the bacteria reach the surface. Even if the fistula drains and isn’t noticeable, the open infection still exists. 

Sensitivity to Heat

One of the tell-tale signs of an abscessed tooth, is a dental nerve that is hypersensitive when exposed to heat. If you’re not able to drink a hot cup of tea or coffee without feeling a localized area of pain, then there’s likely a problem involving a damaged nerve.

Tooth Discoloration

When a tooth is abscessed, it means the nerve inside of it has died. Dying teeth are known for turning darker colours that stand out against the teeth next to them. A brown or grey hue may start to be visible. However, this is usually one of the last side-effects for people to notice. 

See a Dentist to Know for Sure

When you visit PMD Dental Care, we’ll book you for an exam and X-ray to find out if your tooth is abscessed. On the image, we’ll be looking for a dark spot near the tip of your root. If you receive a positive diagnosis, you’ll want to start planning for endodontic therapy as soon as possible. Getting a root canal will prevent chronic infection, tooth loss, and spread of bacteria to other teeth. 

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