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Signs you have a sleeping disorder!


Did you know the inside of your mouth can show us if you’re suffering from a sleeping disorder? Depending on which type of sleeping disorder you have, for example, a condition like obstructive sleep apnoea can leave classic signs along the inside of your mouth. Here are some of the factors we base our diagnosis on:

Flat teeth

As a response to deprivation of oxygen to the brain, people with sleep disorders tend to clench their jaws. Over time, this can wear down your teeth quite a bit, giving it a flat appearance. You’ll also notice your teeth having sharper edges as the enamel chips away. If you have dental work done, this might wear out earlier than expected too.

Large neck circumference

This is one of the more prominent signs of sleep apnoea. A large neck circumference related to tissues interfering with your airway and restricting the oxygen flow.

Airway restriction

We can check for issues inside your mouth that indicate any airway restriction. This can include enlarged tonsils, a large tongue, a small opening at the back of the throat etc. Sinus issues can also factor in here, however.

Position of jaw

If you have a small jaw or one that is positioned in a slightly retracted manner, this can encourage the soft tissues towards the back of your mouth to seal each other off. This is why we recommend mouthguards that will help reposition your jaw.

Think you may have a sleeping disorder? Contact our dentist at Port Melbourne Dental for a quick exam.