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Is Tooth Recontouring Right for You?


If you’re curious about minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments that can make a big impact on your smile, you may want to ask our Port Melbourne dentists about tooth recontouring. 

What is Tooth Recontouring?

When you smile, look at the edges of your teeth. Are they fairly even and uniform? If they aren’t, recontouring can smooth out the edges so they’re smoother and better aligned from one side of your smile to the other. This process can be especially helpful if you have irregular tooth shapes, past damage, or edges that show some chipping or wear. 

The best part is that recontouring usually doesn’t require any numbing or uncomfortable sensations. We can perform the procedure fairly quickly while you relax. You’ll see significant improvement in the shape of your teeth in just one appointment. 

Procedures Paired with Contouring

Sometimes teeth need areas built up, rather than shaped down. If that’s the case, we may recommend pairing dental bonding, which uses tooth-coloured material to fill in gaps, chipped edges, etc. 

Your teeth aren’t the only things that can be recontoured; gum tissue can be adjusted as well. With gum recontouring, we adjust the gumlines to reveal fuller and more even-looking teeth. 

Is Contouring Right for You?

Tooth recontouring is something that’s quick, effective, and ideal for healthy teeth that are structurally sound. If you’re concerned about the shape of your enamel but there are no concerns as far as tooth decay, then recontouring may be the “fast fix” you’ve been looking for. 

Even better than it being minimally invasive, contouring is also affordable. As such, it’s one of the most cost-effective cosmetic treatments we offer!

Learn more about this less-common cosmetic dental treatment offered in Port Melbourne. Schedule an exam at PMD Dental Care today to find out if recontouring is right for you!