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How To Treat An Abscessed Tooth


An abscessed tooth typically means you have an infected inner nerve. Not only is this quite painful, but if not given immediate attention, you could also lose your tooth! Since an abscess is on the inside of your teeth, this is not something you can handle by yourself. Instead, you’ll need a dental professional to access the inner nerve and remove any dying tissue.

Root canal treatment

Endodontic therapy or root canal treatment clears away any dental infection and dying tissue, preserving your tooth so you can use it for years to come. In this procedure, the area is numbed, and then an access point is created to remove the nerve, clean out the chamber and seal it off.

After your root canal is carried out, however, you’ll need to get a crown placed over the tooth since it’ll have weakened enamel that won’t withstand daily functioning like chewing or biting, making you more likely to suffer from a chipped or cracked tooth. At PMD we offer porcelain restorations that blend in well with your smile.

Can’t I just get an antibiotic?

You’ll probably need to take antibiotics before getting your root canal. By doing so, a large portion of the infection will be cleared so that the tooth is easier to work on and save. For example, it becomes far easier to numb the tooth as the increased inflammation would make it quite challenging to even anesthetize the area.

Having antibiotics alone, however, without root canal treatment won’t prevent your abscess from returning. Your infection will slowly worsen, with more and more bacteria being allowed into the nerve chamber through the crack/cavity.

Have a persistent toothache that’s causing you a lot of pain? You may be having an abscessed tooth! Call our experienced dentists to save your smile!