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How to Deal With Gum Recession


Do you have receding gums that make you feel extra conscious about your smile? Chances are, you also feel increased sensitivity too. This is a common dental condition that affects lots of people, but the good news is that if addressed quickly, it’ll be kept under control!

What causes gum recession?

Receding gums can be caused by several different factors. On one end of the spectrum, it could be due to factors outside your control like genetic makeup and oral anatomy. Or, it also could be due to a simpler problem that’s easily fixed like brushing too aggressively. Teeth grinding, problems with your bite or gum disease are just some of the other underlying causes that could be contributing to your condition. At Port Melbourne Dental, we’ll help you root out the underlying cause and come up with the best treatment for it.

What can you do about it?

There are a few different treatment options available depending on the severity of your condition. They include:


Our dental professionals can make use of “desensitizers”, which are products that when placed on the root of your tooth help reduce the increased sensitivity. For example, fluoride varnish or a bonding agent can be used.

Composite restorations

Composite material can be used to fill in the areas where your gums have receded to eliminate any discomfort.


For more severe cases, a gum lift or recontouring might prove necessary. During this procedure, healthy gum tissue will be grafted on to the receding area.

Struggling with gum recession and wondering what you can do about it? Talk to our dentist at PMD and we’ll help you come up with a solution!