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How do Orthodontic Trays/Aligners Work?


If you’re looking to straighten your teeth without braces, then our Port Melbourne dentists may recommend a removable, translucent tray system that uses aligners.

Compared to traditional metal orthodontics, aligners are free of any fixed wires or brackets. Yet, they’re predictable, efficient, and comfortable for our adult and teen patients.

Here’s how they work:

Strategic, Digitally-Mapped Pressure

Clear aligners are mapped out virtually before treatment ever starts. That means PMD Dental Care can see your proposed results before you start wearing the aligners. Using specific techniques, each tooth is “moved” in the computer software and the corresponding alignment trays are printed to fit with that stage of treatment.


Changing Trays Out in a Specific Order

Since you won’t need rubber bands or wires to move your teeth, you’ll need to change your aligners out to keep nudging your bite into the proper position. For most of our patients, this is every two weeks. The next set of trays is slightly different from the previous version, making tiny changes over a specific period of time.

Using Limited Buttons as Anchor

In the past, clear aligners didn’t work well for more significant tooth movement. Today, there are advancements and extra techniques that make the process more predictable. One of these is using tooth-coloured “buttons” that we can bond onto specific teeth, giving your aligners something to attach onto for more direct movement needs. The small extensions match your enamel so that they aren’t very visible and can be removed at any time.


Are Clear Orthodontic Trays Right for You?

PMD Dental Care offers in-house invisible orthodontics for adults and teens. If you’re thinking about getting braces but want a subtle alternative that’s easier to care for, schedule a consultation with our Port Melbourne dentists to find out if you qualify!