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Are Your Teeth Jagged and Sharp? Find Out Why

jagged teeth repair

Have you noticed that your teeth don’t look like they used to?  Maybe they’re jagged, sharp, and cutting your tongue.  What caused this change in your teeth and what can be done about it?

Improper Bite

You may have never noticed this before, but it’s possible that you have an improper bite alignment.  When we bite our back teeth together, the natural bite should show our upper teeth slightly overlapping the lower ones.

If when you bite down, you see that your teeth are biting edge to edge, then this is a problem that should be addressed.

Over time this type of bite discrepancy can cause teeth to wear down, becoming jagged and sharp.  Wear can be so severe that it leaves nerve tissue inside the teeth traumatized, causing pain.

Fixing Bite Issues

The professionals at PMD Dental Care in Port Melbourne may suggest that you take steps to get your bite problem corrected.  If there is excessive wear, we may recommend getting dental crowns to both restore them and prevent your teeth from further damage.

Our Port Melbourne dentist will make custom fitted caps to cover your affected teeth to make them look aesthetically pleasing.  We will also be able to design them in a way that allows your new teeth to be aligned as they should.

This is a great solution however, it’s quite an initial investment as the crowns may need to be replaced in the future – leading to additional costs.

A better option may be to undergo orthodontic treatment in order to correct your bite altogether. This is a more holistic and less invasive process, although lengthier.


Make the Call Before it’s Too Late

If you’ve noticed changes in the appearance of your teeth due to your bite, then give the Port Melbourne dentists at PMD Dental Care a call before it gets worse!