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3 Reasons Why You Might Need a Dental Crown


Unsure of whether you need a dental crown or not? We understand not wanting to go through the hassle of a dental procedure unless absolutely necessary but we recommend getting a dental crown in the below 3 situations!

An Unstable Filling

Getting a filling for your tooth often depends on having a strong supporting structure to hold the restoration. As such, we don’t use fillings for large areas or to build teeth as the moment a large amount of pressure is put on it, it’ll likely break. So, in the instance a large filling is used on a tooth with a thin surrounding structure, we recommend just putting a full crown instead so you don’t have to waste time revisiting the clinic for a filling that won’t stay put.

Recently had a root canal

Having a root canal leaves your tooth rather brittle. This is because there’s no more living nerve or blood tissue inside. This makes your tooth far more susceptible to cracks, fractures or accelerated wear & tear. The best way to prevent this is to give your tooth more protection and that is precisely what a dental crown offers. Your tooth will be strengthened with this supportive structure and you don’t have to worry about fracturing your tooth after root canal.

Severe Structural Damage

If you suffer a fracture or have teeth that are significantly worn down, ignoring the situation might lead to more painful dental complications such as TMJ disorder. This disorder occurs when there is an imbalance in your bite that causes you to place additional stress in your teeth and jaw muscles in order to function. It’s far better to save your tooth early on with a dental crown instead of dealing with worse and more costly consequences.

At Port Melbourne Dental we offer highly durable and quality dental crowns in an easy and comfortable process for our patients. For more information on how to help preserve & strengthen your natural smile, our team is always ready to assist you!