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Wisdom Teeth Removal Care Instructions

Wisdom tooth pain

After you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed at PMD Dental Care in our Port Melbourne office, there will be an opening where the roots once were.  A blood clot will fill the surgical site and it’s very important that it stays in place. If it becomes dislodged, you will get what’s called a “dry socket.” Dry sockets are very painful.  Basically, it means that you have exposed jaw bone, and even breathing in air will hurt.


Avoiding a Dry Socket


  • When you leave the dental office, you’ll have gauze over the extraction site. We’ll show you how to change it out as directed, as long as the site is bleeding. Wetting the gauze before you put it in place can help keep it from sticking to the blood clot and pulling it out when you have to remove it.


  • Wait 24 hours before you rinse your mouth out. The best formula to use is a mixture of salt and warm water.  Swish it gently and let it fall out of your mouth.  Don’t spit hard because spitting can cause the blood clot to come loose. You can do this a few times a day for a couple of weeks.


  • Don’t drink through a straw or do anything that causes a suction motion, because this may also lead to a dry socket. Water is the best drink of choice. You should avoid carbonated and alcoholic beverages.


  • Eat soft foods, to begin with. A liquid diet is not required.  But rather, foods that don’t require a lot of chewing are best.  For example, soft bread, mashed potatoes and yogurt.


If you’ve been having trouble with your wisdom teeth, then give PMD Dental Care a call today.  Our team of experts can help you get relief by providing you with quality wisdom tooth extraction services in Port Melbourne.