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Why You Should Consider Fluoride Treatment

woman at dentist clinic

Ever noticed your dentist applying fluoride after a professional cleaning? This treatment doesn’t just apply to kids; there are several advantages of this process that applies for older patients as well. Here are some of them:

Resists Sensitivity

Have you noticed an increase in tooth sensitivity as of late? This could be towards changes in temperature, when trying a new toothpaste or even drinking your morning coffee. When you notice sensitivity, this is an indication of your tooth responding to stimuli or that your gums are receding. In this instance, fluoride serves as a desensitizing treatment to minimize any discomfort you feel between dental visits.

Prevents demineralization

In the earliest stages of a cavity forming, demineralization occurs and causes the enamel to weaken over time. This can lead to severe tooth decay is left untreated. Catch this in the earliest stages and strengthen your enamel with fluoride treatment. When you come in for your check-up, our dentist will check for high-risk areas and use fluoride. We will also recommend slight adjustments to your oral hygiene routines to prevent further tooth decay.

Reduce risk of cavities

You’re never too old to get a cavity. If you’re someone that gets a cavity every now and then, having fluoride treatment every 6 months will definitely be beneficial. This treatment essentially serves to strengthen your teeth so if you are prone to dental issues, we recommend this!

Visit Port Melbourne Dental for your checkup and benefit from our fluoride treatment as well!