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What to do If You Knock Out a Tooth

Man with knocked out tooth calls dentist

One of the most common dental emergencies that we see in our Port Melbourne practice is a knocked out or broken tooth. While this can be a scary and painful experience, taking the right steps can help you protect your smile and even save the tooth that’s been damaged.

First: Stop Any Bleeding

The mouth tends to bleed very easily, no matter how small or large the injury can seem to be. Apply a clean compress with firm pressure to stop the bleeding. Using a tea bag can also be helpful.


Second: Locate the Tooth

Find the tooth and handle it only by the crown (not the root.) If there is visible debris, you can gently rinse it under water, but do not scrub it clean. Doing so can damage the tiny fibres that aid in reattachment.


Third: Store it Properly

Proper storage is key to determining the outcome of your dental injury. The tooth should be put in a sealed container (so it doesn’t get lost) and completely submerged in milk, contact solution, saline, or saliva (if you can make enough!) If the tooth is completely whole and will slip back into the socket of your mouth, you can put it there as long as you are careful not to swallow it.


Fourth: See Our Port Melbourne Dentist

A knocked out tooth can be successfully reinserted into the mouth if you’re able to get to the dentist within the first 1-2 hours. Call PMD Dental Care as soon you’ve followed the first three instructions. Our Port Melbourne dentists will make every effort to see you straightaway or walk you through what to do if you’re unable to make it to our office.

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