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What to do During a Dental Emergency

Man with dental emergency

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, one of the first things you should do is call PMD Dental Care in Port Melbourne. Even if you’re not a current patient, we’ll make arrangements to see you as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, here’s what you should do to make yourself as comfortable as possible:


  1. Stop the Bleeding

Bleeding inside of the mouth can sometimes seem very heavy. Use clean gauze or a washcloth to bite down on if possible. Apply pressure to the area for a few minutes, until the bleeding has stopped. If the bleeding does not stop, head to your nearest emergency room.


  1. Find any Missing Tooth Fragments

Large tooth fragments or knocked out teeth can usually be put back in place if we see you within the first hour. If you find the broken tooth, don’t scrub it clean as this could damage some of the tiny fibres that aid in reattachment.


  1. Store Things Properly

Before we can bond a tooth fragment (or avulsed tooth) back into place, it needs to be stored properly so that it doesn’t dry out or you don’t lose it. Use a sealed container filled with contact solution or milk. If you’re extremely careful not to swallow it, you can also hold it inside of your cheek.


  1. Take an Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Most tooth pain comes from swelling around a tooth or inflammation of the nerve. If your doctor has cleared you to take an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen, that’s your best option.


  1. Keep the Swelling Down

After taking medication, apply a cold compress to the side of your face near the injury.


PMD Dental Care is always ready for your dental emergency, even if you aren’t. Call our Port Melbourne dentist today for attentive care and fast relief.