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The Top Five Cosmetic Dental Treatments

woman having teeth whitening

Thinking of sprucing up the way your smile looks? At PMD Dental Care, we offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatments to choose from. Chances are, there’s one that’s right for you. Here are some of the top aesthetic dental choices that we provide in our Port Melbourne practice:

Teeth Whitening

Affordable and effective, our Port Melbourne teeth whitening treatments are great as a stand-alone smile makeover or to jump-start your upcoming cosmetic treatments. We may recommend whitening your teeth before getting another procedure, so that new restorations can be made to match your brighter smile.


Dental Bonding

A minor chip or discrepancy in just one or two teeth can detract from your smile’s overall appearance. Bonding uses tooth coloured filling-like material to cover or reshape areas such as gaps in teeth, staining, misshaped enamel, or chipped edges. Numbing may not even be needed, it’s that easy!


Dental Veneers 

Made to deliver fast and dramatic results, veneers are the go-to cosmetic solution when you want to “go big or go home.” Veneers mask the healthy teeth behind them, immediately changing the size, shape, alignment, and colour. Most veneer treatments take a planning appointment followed by one or two more visits to complete.

Orthodontic Therapy

Wearing braces or clear aligners does serve an important oral health need, but it can also boost the way your smile looks by straightening misaligned teeth.


Tooth and Gum Recontouring

Technically two different types of treatment, tooth and gum recontouring each serve a similar purpose: to reshape the edges and contours of your teeth or gums to help your smile look properly sized. If you have uneven teeth or a gummy smile, you’ll see quick results.


Get a Custom Smile Makeover Plan

Call PMD Dental Care today to talk with our Port Melbourne dentists about which type of cosmetic options are best for your unique smile.