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Stem Cell Treatment

Autologous somatic cell technology for dental implants and jaw reconstruction/repair

We are at the forefront of medical innovation, specifically in regard to stem cell dental implants and stem cells for teeth. Our dental surgeons have seen tremendous growth in medical technologies in recent years. As a result, our committed and diligent team has been involved in innovative research and have been using stem cells for dental implants. This form of regenerative dentistry, harnessing the healing properties of stem cells, is changing how we engage in cosmetic dental surgeries and treatments.

By using a patient’s blood cells we have seen an acceleration in the repair of bone and teeth tissue. Stem cell dental implants, made from a patient’s own stem cells, platelets and growth factors, allows for the regeneration of bone. This is crucial in terms of success rates for bone regeneration therapy. The key proteins from growth factors aid in wound healing as well as other tissue regeneration accelerators.

Usually, when a tooth is damaged due to severe decay or trauma, infected tissue can cause sensitive inner dental pulp to become exposed and vulnerable to harmful bacteria. Once this occurs, only treatment options like root canals or tooth extraction become viable solutions to treat painful symptoms.

With Stem Cell technology, pulp-like tissue starts to form inside empty tooth roots after two weeks of treatment. After four weeks, there is an increase in cell growth and blood vessels start to form. Around eight weeks into the process, pulp-like tissue starts to fill the entire pulp space, complete with organised blood vessels populated with red blood cells. The end of the process leaves the tooth with cellular extensions and strong adhesion into dentin (hard, bony tissue that that forms the bulk of the tooth).

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