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Reasons to Consider Getting a Root Canal

Woman getting a root canal treatment

Once nerve damage occurs in a tooth, your dentist at PMD Dental Care in Port Melbourne may decide that the most appropriate way to restore it is to undergo root canal therapy.  During this procedure, the infected nerve tissue will be removed from inside the nerve canal.


Why Not Just Pull My Tooth?

 You should consider root canal treatment because it will ensure salvation of your natural tooth.  It is the only way to eliminate the infection other than permanently extracting it.  However, the latter treatment leaves a large space between your teeth.

Occasionally the structural tooth is so damaged that a root canal would not suffice and extracting it is inevitable.  So, if given the option to restore your tooth through root canal therapy you should consider doing so, because you never know if in the future you will be faced with a damaged tooth that is non-restorable.

Also, the more teeth you have missing, the harder the other teeth have to work when you’re biting and chewing.  This can lead to further damage.


Improved Function and Oral Health

The more missing teeth you have, the more difficult breaking up your food will be.  Perhaps you are already struggling to chew due to missing teeth. If so you should strongly consider having the root canal therapy, so not to further comprise your chewing ability.


If dealing with a front tooth, the decision is easier and more obvious.  For cosmetic reasons, not many people are comfortable walking around with a missing front tooth. A root canal can salvage it and save your smile.


Whatever treatment you decide to have performed, PMD Dental Care in Port Melbourne wants to ensure you understand all appropriate options.  We understand how important your teeth are and are here to help you make an educated decision about your dental care.  Call us today to schedule a consultation!