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Preventing Damage from Bruxism

woman wearing a splint

Do you tend to clench and grind your teeth? Bruxism is often a subconscious habit that’s due to anything from stress to sleep apnoea. But it can be tremendously damaging to your smile and existing dental or cosmetic work.

Taking steps to limit the wear caused by bruxism is more effective than trying to treat it after damage has already occurred. It can also save you the pain of developing TMJ disorder, headaches, and muscle pain.

Wear a Splint When You Sleep

A professionally fitted bite splint places a small area of buffer space between your upper and lower teeth, preventing your jaw or teeth from fully engaging. Wearing it when you sleep will prevent grinding and excessive clenching, protecting your tooth enamel and dental work.

But not all bite splints are created equal. patients can have a mouthguard made here in our office, which will fit their bite for a secure hold all night long.

Daytime Bruxing

If you find that you clench your teeth during the day — such as on your commute home from work, or while you’re at the office — you’ll likely want a more discreet mouthguard to wear when you need it. Our dentists can fit you for one of those, too. You can also take conscious steps to train your mouth to relax, with your lips together but your teeth apart.

You may not realize that you’re clenching your teeth until you stop by PMD Dental Care for your regular checkup. If we notice flat areas or broken fillings along with tension in your jaw muscles, bruxism may be to blame. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about how our Port Melbourne dentists can help.