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How Orthodontic Aligners Offer Tremendous Advantages to Adults

Woman with invisalign

Are you considering braces or another orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth? At PMD Dental Care, we offer comprehensive adult braces in the form of Invisalign and Clear Correct. Both of these removable alignment tray systems offer significant benefits to our adult patients.

Easier to Fit into Your Schedule

Both of our clear braces systems are changed out on a bi-monthly basis. This allows us to send your aligners home with you in advance, rather than you have adjustments made in our Port Melbourne practice once a month. Just stop by every 6-8 weeks for a quick check and to pick up your next few sets of aligners. The experience won’t use up all of your vacation time!


 No One Has to Know You’re “In Braces”

Translucent aligners like Invisalign and Clear Correct are made of clear, BPA-free plastic. They’re almost completely invisible once you snap them over your teeth. When you’re talking or smiling around other people, there’s a good chance they won’t know you’re wearing braces at all.


 Improve Your Oral Health at Any Age

A straighter smile is easier to care for and maintain. Because crowding significantly increases your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Investing in our Port Melbourne clear aligners is a great way to enhance your oral health.

One of the most common questions that we get at PMD Dental Care is “am I too old for Invisalign?” The answer is, “no.” As long as you have healthy teeth and are committed to the home care involved, we believe that Invisalign and Clear Correct is part of a comprehensive approach to achieving the best oral health at any age.

Which type of clear removable braces are right for you? Contact PMD Dental Care to schedule a consultation at our Port Melbourne practice.