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Do I Need Dental Radiographs?

woman getting a dental X ray

Getting dental X-rays makes some people feel uneasy. After all, it’s radiation, right? Yes, it is, but the levels of radiation used in dental X-rays are far lower than you would expect!

In fact, you’ll get more radiation exposure from doing things like taking a 3 or 4-hour long airplane ride, or spending a day out in the sun at the beach. Now that digital equipment is being used in dentistry, the levels are drastically lower than ever before.

The benefits of getting routine radiographs make the tiny exposure amounts far more than worth it. Here’s why:

We Can Screen for Cavities Before They’re Visible

Tooth decay is best treated early, before it spreads deep into the nerve of your tooth or to adjacent teeth. X-rays allow us to see between teeth and below the grooves, where cavities tend to start, which aren’t always visible during your exam.


Screen for Bone Loss

Periodontal screenings check for symptoms of gum disease. But sometimes you may need to see deeper into the structures that hold your teeth in place, that is, your bone. With dental X-rays, we can assess for loss of bone height as well as density. Other anomalies such as tumours or cysts are frequently found on dental radiographs as well.


You’ll Get an Accurate Diagnosis

Without being able to take a X-rays to see inside of your tooth, we are unable to provide an accurate diagnosis. Radiographs allow us to see the full picture, for a thorough assessment of your oral health needs.

Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve seen a dentist or if you have any specific problems going on, you’ll need certain types of X-rays taken at your appointment. Call PMD Dental Care in Port Melbourne for more information!