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Four Things to do When You Brush Your Teeth

Man brushing teeth

You’ve been brushing your teeth for years…but are you doing it correctly? Here are four important steps we want each of our Port Melbourne dental patients to check themselves on.

Angle Your Brush Toward the Gumline

Your brush should be angled about 45-degrees into the gums, rather than at a 90-degree angle against your teeth. This makes it possible to lift away soft biofilm tucked just under the margin of the gingival tissues.


Make Short Strokes

Wide sweeping movements tend to bend your toothbrush bristles, making them ineffective over the curves of your teeth. Instead, aim the brush towards the gum line in a gentle circular motion, focusing on only one or two teeth at a time. You’ll find that the brush will clean more efficiently because each area receives specific attention.


Use Soft or Extra-Soft Bristles

Stiff bristles won’t shape to the curves and contours of your teeth, making them skip over several of the surfaces. But besides that, they’re too abrasive against delicate gum tissue and your enamel. Use a soft bristled brush to prevent complications like gum recession and worn notches on the tooths surface


Set a Timer

Most of us tend to brush much faster and for far shorter duration of time than what we’re supposed to. If you time yourself, there’s a good chance you’re only brushing for about 30 seconds per session.

What length of time should you be brushing? Two minutes. Today, most electric toothbrushes have options to where they’ll beep every 30 seconds or cut off after two minutes, so that you never have to worry whether or not you’re brushing too quickly. You’ll be surprised at how much cleaner your mouth is!

Even the best toothbrushes can’t clean between your teeth or deep under your gums. Book a routine cleaning at PMD Dental Care every six months to keep your smile healthy and bright.