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Do I Need a Root Canal?

Woman having a root canal at the dentist

You’ve had a tooth bothering you for a while now. You keep hoping that all it needs is a filling — or at most, a crown — but with the changes and swelling you’ve started to notice, it’s a root canal that you’re expecting to hear about from your dentist.

The good news is that our patients don’t have to worry about their root canal hurting or being a traumatic experience. In fact, it’s designed to be the opposite. Endodontic (root canal) treatment serves to lessen discomfort and preserve infected teeth, instead of having to remove them.

So, at what point is a root canal truly necessary?

When There’s an Abscess

Infection that extends into the tooth’s nerve will drain out the tip of the root, causing swelling or a small “pimple” on the gums next to it. If the tooth has already died, it may be getting darker but without a visible abscess.


If the Tooth is Cracked

Cracked teeth can be extremely difficult to treat in some cases. Simply patching them up with a filling or crown may not be enough.


Severe Pain is an Ongoing Issue

Hypersensitivity is typically the result of trauma or damage to your tooth’s nerve.


Tooth Decay Reaches Deep into Your Tooth

If there’s a large cavity, an abscess is soon to follow. Covering it with a filling or crown will trap the bacteria inside. Instead, the nerve needs to be removed and the hollow chamber cleaned, then sealed off to prevent reinfection.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More

If you suspect that you have a dying or abscessed tooth, it’s best to see PMD Dental Care earlier, rather than later. The sooner we’re able to assess your tooth, the better the chances there are at saving it. Contact our Port Melbourne dentists today to schedule an exam.