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Do I Have a Cavity?

Woman checking for cavities

The second you feel a toothache or “twinge” coming from your mouth, the first thing that usually pops into your head is “do I have a cavity?”

Find out if there is a Cavity

While not all cavities can cause pain or uncomfortable symptoms, there are several common signs that you can look for. If you notice any of the following, be sure to let our Port Melbourne dentists know:

Sweet Sensitivity. A soda, flavoured coffee, or after dinner dessert that causes tooth sensitivity is a red flag for tooth decay. Teeth usually are not sensitive to sweets unless there’s an actual cavity that is present.

Roughness. When you run your tongue across your teeth, does one of them stand out as feeling different from the rest? Your tongue is extremely tactile; as such, it can usually pick up on rough areas even if you’re not able to see them. These sensations could be key to identifying a new cavity around existing dental work, or a leaky filling that needs to be replaced.

Something Feeling “Off” About Your Tooth. As generic as it sounds, you may not have any obvious symptoms when it comes to tooth decay; your tooth may simply feel a bit…weird. If it does, there’s something going on and you should see our Port Melbourne dentist about it.

Book an Exam to Find Out if You Have Decay

Unless there’s an obvious, visible opening in your tooth that you’ve been able to see, you may never know if you have a cavity until your dentist has examined your tooth.

In fact, it’s better that decay is diagnosed before you experience symptoms, because it allows us to offer less invasive treatment that’s better for your tooth as a whole. Book your six month checkup at PMD Dental Care to keep your smile healthy and combat tooth decay in its earliest stages.