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Denture FAQ

couple with dentures

Are you thinking of getting dentures or wearing your first pair? Although simple and straightforward, dentures do require some special care and maintenance to ensure they last as long as possible. Here are some of the most common denture questions we get at our Port Melbourne office.

Do I need to take my denture out every night?

Yes. Sleeping in your denture could lead to accelerated bone shrinkage and infections on your gums. Let your mouth rest each night as you soak your denture in an approved cleanser or water.


What should I clean my denture with?

Use lukewarm tap water and a soft brush. Hot water may cause warping. Do not use abrasive pastes as this could scratch your denture and lead to increased staining. Specially formulated denture cleaners are preferred.


Should I be using denture adhesive?

A great fitting denture shouldn’t need adhesive. Adhesives can help if you have an older denture that’s starting to feel loose, until you can replace it.

How long do dentures last?

Proper maintenance and removing your denture each night can extend the length of time you’re able to use your prosthesis. Because everyone’s oral anatomy changes at different rates, the exact time isn’t firm. Most people get several years out of their custom denture.

Can implants support a denture?

Yes. It’s possible to use dental implants to anchor a removable overdenture or a fixed implant denture (that can only be removed by your dentist.)


Do I still need to see my Port Melbourne dentist?

Even denture patients should schedule a checkup at least once or twice a year. We’ll evaluate your denture fit, oral health, and screen for symptoms of bone loss and oral cancer.

For more answers to your denture questions or information about denture repairs near you, contact Port Melbourne Dental Care today.