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Dental Imaging

Dental Radiographs are commonly called x-rays. Dentists use radiographs for many reasons: to find hidden dental structures, malignant or benign masses, bone loss, and cavities. A radiographic image is formed by a controlled burst of X-ray radiation which penetrates oral structures at different levels, depending on varying anatomical densities, before striking the film or sensor.

A panoramic (wide view) X-ray of the lower face allowing view of the mouth, teeth and bones of the upper and lower jaws.

OPG X-rays are an important diagnostic tool for all dental procedures. We recommend these X-rays are updated every 2 years.

PMD Dental Care offers a remarkable new technology that creates virtually limitless views of the face, it’s called 3D Imaging. (3D CBCT)

3D CBCT imaging has become increasingly important in treatment planning and diagnosis in implant dentistry as well as endodontics, periodontics and orthodontics.

It’s fast, simple and completely painless – a single 10-second scan. And, from that scan, the practitioners can quickly see computer-generated views of the bones of the face, the teeth, and other details from any angle, in 3D and in colour!

It’s important for your doctor to have accurate and complete information to plan your treatment. 3D Imaging provides that information, with a host of advantages for you and your doctors..

Lateral Cephalometric X-rays take a lateral (sideways) view of the face which demonstrates the bones and facial contours of the profile.

Lat Ceph x-rays are usually used in the diagnosis and treatment of orthodontics..

Bitewings are a diagnostic tool used to view the interproximal (in-between) surfaces of the teeth.

Bitewing X-rays should be taken every 2 years to ensure there is no active decay or bone loss.

An x-ray that shows the full length of the tooth, from the tip of the crown to the base of the root.

This x-ray is used mostly for Endodontic (Root Canal) treatment and implant placement.

Periapical x-rays are also used as a diagnostic tool for pain relief.