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Dental Care During Orthodontic Treatment

woman cleaning braces

Keeping your smile healthy is always important, but when you have fixed braces or removable orthodontic appliances, having great oral hygiene is vital.

To ensure that your teeth are healthy throughout treatment and after your braces are finally removed, here are several things to keep in mind:

Brush Above and Below Brackets

Plaque tends to accumulate around brackets, which can cause “white circles” of demineralization to form and be visible when the braces are removed. So be sure to angle your brush in various ways to reach every surface.


Clean Between

It can be challenging to clean between your teeth, especially if you’re in traditional braces. With removable aligners, all you have to do is take the trays out and floss normally. But wires require special aids to clean underneath. Using a water flosser may be easier! Whatever method you select, just be sure to floss at least once per day.


Up Your Fluoride Use

Fluoride is a natural mineral that strengthens teeth and makes enamel resistant to decay. Using fluoridated toothpaste is helpful, but if you’re in braces you may want to get a special rinse to use at night. Prescription strength products are also available, such as gels or mouthwash. We recommend using such products after you’ve brushed and flossed, just before going to bed. Be sure not to drink anything after you’ve used them, so that the mineral can set against your teeth for a longer period of time.


Schedule Regular Check and Cleans

Some dental issues aren’t noticeable on your own until they’re moderate to severe. Seeing our Port Melbourne dentists every six months provides us with an opportunity to evaluate your oral health and intervene if minor changes are occurring between visits. That way we can take necessary steps to reverse issues (such as early stages of tooth demineralization) before they become significant problems.

Schedule a checkup or consultation at Port Melbourne Dental Care today for additional advice on how to keep your smile healthy while you’re wearing braces.