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When Should You Touch Up On Your Whitening?

If you’ve ever whitened your smile before, you may be wondering when the ideal time for a touch up would be to keep your smile bright for months to come. Your touch up will usually include you wearing your whitening tray for an hour each day, for a few consecutive days. Here are some instances we would recommend touching up on your whitening: After a checkup We generally recommend a checkup every 6 months in order to polish away any surface stains that have accumulated between appointments. These sessions involve a thorough evaluation of your dental health and removal of … Continue reading

Do Adults Make Great Orthodontic Patients?

Ever considered orthodontic treatment but thought it may be far too late because of your age? This is definitely not the case! At Port Melbourne Dental, some of our most successful cases have been adult patients! Here’s why you’ll be a great fit for orthodontic treatment: Better commitment After a few months the novelty of starting braces and orthodontic treatment wears off, and most of our younger patients tend to feel less motivated to follow through with their after-care recommendations. Adult patients are usually more understanding of the commitment and pay better attention to their home care instructions and seeing … Continue reading

What is Cosmetic Teeth Straightening?

Ever wished you could straighten your teeth without a lengthy treatment like braces? Cosmetic teeth straightening might be your best shot. Unlike conventional orthodontic treatment which aims to fix comprehensive issues with your bite, cosmetic teeth straightening is designed to fix small, aesthetic concerns particularly with regards to the teeth in your “smile zone”. Faster results Far fewer teeth are adjusted when you opt for cosmetic teeth straightening so the process will take less time to complete. Usually, our patients tend to see results in just 4 to 9 months. This means, in just under a year, you could get … Continue reading

When Should You Replace Your Tooth

Have a loose tooth or recently experienced a dental injury? You may be wondering if it’s best to have your tooth removed or if there’s any restorative treatment available.  At Port Melbourne Dental we try our hardest to preserve your natural teeth, but in certain instances, tooth extraction (and perhaps replacement) may be the only option available. Here are some of those instances: Non-restorable teeth A non-restorable tooth is usually either severely damaged or decayed beyond repair. In this stage, investing in a filling or crown will only be a waste of time and money. In order to keep your … Continue reading

Why Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Many teens and young adults often opt to get their wisdom teeth removed. For some, the third molars don’t give much trouble but for those that do encounter problems, extraction is often the best course of action. Why is that? High risk of decay It’s quite common for wisdom teeth to only partially erupt due to a lack of space. This means a good portion of the tooth remains beneath the gumlines. This combined with the third molars being hard to reach, means they decay and develop gum disease far more easily. These infections can also easily spread to adjacent … Continue reading