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How To Care For Your New Dental Implant

man brushing dental implant

If you’re faced with the decision to extract a non-restorable tooth and decide to replace it with a dental implant, then you’ve made a wise decision! This artificial titanium “root” placed within the bone is the next best thing to a natural tooth.

The portion of the implant that extends out of the gum is called an “abutment.” It’s this piece that is connected to the implant and supports a fixed dental crown (artificial tooth is adhered to the post.)


A Smart Investment in Your Smile’s Future

Dental implants are a great investment to extend the health of your smile and bite. PMD Dental Care in Port Melbourne wants to help you get the most out of it.  A properly cared for implant has the potential to last the rest of your lifetime.

Since an implant is placed in the bone, it is very important to prevent gum disease which leads to bone loss.  If this occurs, the bone around the implant will become infected and the implant may loosen or fall out. So good dental hygiene plays a huge role in its longevity.


Cleaning Your Implant

At home, it is imperative that you brush and floss a minimum of twice daily, preferably after each meal.  When brushing, angle the toothbrush in a way that the tips of the bristles massage the gums at the base of the crown.  When flossing, be sure to wiggle the floss around the gum line very well and to bring it in toward the inside, or middle of the crown. This will clean right along the implant.  Once you’re done, pull the floss through at the gum line to release it.

A water flosser or even air flosser are also good investments that will help clean and keep your implant healthy.


PMD Dental Care in Port Melbourne has hygienists who use special instruments designed to thoroughly clean any plaque or tartar buildup left behind by your toothbrush. Regular visits are recommended twice a year.  Along with cleaning, periodic radiographs will be taken to ensure proper fusion of the bone to the implant. Schedule your next appointment today!