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Why You Should See a Dentist Every Six Months


You’ve probably always heard that you need to schedule a dental checkup twice per year. But if you don’t normally have dental problems, is it ok to skip? 

Here are several reasons why your six-month dental visits are more important than you may realize. 

We’re Screening for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a deadly disease, in that most people aren’t aware of their condition until symptoms are severe. As your Port Melbourne dentist, we’re constantly evaluating your oral tissues for changes between appointments. Earlier diagnosis of precancerous tissue can save your life. 

Gum Disease Can be Intercepted Earlier

Early stages of gum disease like gingivitis can be reversed if we spot them soon enough. With regular cleanings and great home care, the swelling can go away before it leads to permanent bone loss and tooth mobility. But skipping your cleanings will mean more tartar and plaque under your gums, contributing to periodontal disease and tooth loss. 

Tooth Demineralization is Reversible

Demineralization is the first stage of tooth decay (cavities.) If we pinpoint weak tooth surfaces early, we can use fluoride to strengthen and remineralize the surface before a physical cavity develops. But if you wait between visits, those areas will get to expand before you start to notice the symptoms. By that point, you’ll need a filling or something bigger. 

People will Notice

Tartar buildup harbors bad-breath causing bacteria, which can lead to chronic halitosis. Even if you’re brushing and flossing each day, the calcified deposits under your gums will still be there. Breath mints and mouthwash can’t cover it up. But scheduling routine cleanings at our office in Port Melbourne will help you keep your breathe in check!

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