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When Should You Replace Your Tooth


Have a loose tooth or recently experienced a dental injury? You may be wondering if it’s best to have your tooth removed or if there’s any restorative treatment available.  At Port Melbourne Dental we try our hardest to preserve your natural teeth, but in certain instances, tooth extraction (and perhaps replacement) may be the only option available. Here are some of those instances:

Non-restorable teeth

A non-restorable tooth is usually either severely damaged or decayed beyond repair. In this stage, investing in a filling or crown will only be a waste of time and money. In order to keep your smile functioning as normal and to prevent any damage to your surrounding teeth, extraction of the problematic tooth is best, together with a replacement option.

Full-mouth rehabilitation

 Considering giving your smile a full makeover? If you only have a few teeth left, and are looking to get a full replacement of your smile (perhaps with dental implants or a full arch denture), extracting these last remaining teeth may just make your full mouth rehabilitation easier.


Depending on the extent of the damage caused, restorative treatment for your tooth may be quite costly. In such instances, removing and replacing might be the best option in terms of both cost and maintenance.

Is tooth replacement for you?

There are many different replacement restorations available, often depending on your oral health and the number of teeth missing. We can assess your eligibility for options such as a fixed bridge, removable partial dentures, dental implants etc. once you come in for your initial consultation.

Thanks to our expert dental professionals, replacing your teeth and regaining your confidence has never been easier! Call today to book your appointment.