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What Happens During Your Scale and Clean?


Scheduling a scale and clean with your dentist plays a vital role in keeping oral diseases at bay and also helps you intercept any dental conditions as early as possible. Aside from having buildup of plaque and tartar removed, here are some of the other activities involved in your routine scale and clean:

Measuring gum levels

Your surrounding soft and hard tissues are held responsible for keeping your teeth stable. At your scale and clean, our hygienist will be able to measure the surrounding tissues and compare it to X-rays to get a comprehensive analysis that includes bone height as well.

Oral cancer screening

It’s usually quite hard to detect oral cancer on your own until the disease has reached an advanced stage. During your appointment, our hygienist will be able to thoroughly screen for any tissue changes. Spotting the signs will help you get specialist intervention as early as possible.

Evaluating TMJ function

 A TMJ disorder (concerning your jaw joint) can be immensely painful. Not only does this affect your teeth but pain can radiate to your face, head, neck and back! Suffer from constant headaches? This could be the reason why.

Catching signs of medical conditions

Certain medical conditions show warning signs quite early. Some of these warning signs and symptoms can be found inside your mouth. Anything ranging from life-threatening diseases like cancer to vitamin deficiencies can have an effect on your oral health, and consequently, can be spotted by your dentist.

Scheduling a checkup every 6 months isn’t just great for your smile, but for your overall health! Call Port Melbourne Dental today and schedule your scale and clean with our expert hygienists.