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Should You Whiten Before Cosmetic Treatments?


Considering a cosmetic dental procedure like bonding, or replacing a few fillings or veneers? You might want to consider whitening your teeth before making any amount of aesthetic changes to your smile and here’s why!

Dental work doesn’t whiten

Any dental restoration you’ve had including composite bonding, porcelain veneers or white fillings won’t respond to whitening treatments. They contain ceramic materials that allow them to stay the same colour. Superficial stains may form over time but these can be easily removed and the foundation of the material will remain the same.

Brighter comparison base

We usually match your dental restorations to the colour of your natural smile in order to have them seamlessly blend in. If you decide to whiten before your treatment, the restoration can be matched to your newly whitened smile. As time passes, you’ll know when it’s time to touch up on your whitening treatment as you notice a difference between the colour of your enamel and the dental work.

It may be all you need!

Whitening is one of the quickest and easiest cosmetic dental treatments available! Most often, our patients are surprised at how brightening their teeth by a few shades can transform their entire smile! This option can also be combined with orthodontic treatment for better results.  Chances are you might enjoy your new smile and not look for further treatment!

Before your teeth whitening treatment, our expert dentist at Port Melbourne Dental will assess your teeth for decay and gum disease. Call today to schedule your appointment!