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Missing Teeth Should Be Replaced ASAP!


Did you lose your tooth or need to have it extracted? You’ll want to have this tooth replaced ASAP to prevent a plethora of oral health conditions! This is what it can lead to if you leave that gap unheeded for a long period of time:

An opposite tooth may super-erupt

Across your smile, each tooth is formed with a biting partner on the opposite arch. When one is removed, the other that bites against it may “erupt” further of its socket in an attempt to search for a partner.


Your mouth is formed out of teeth that support each other to create an aligned smile. When a tooth falls out, this creates a chain of instability across adjacent teeth. You will notice them gradually drifting out of alignment over time.

Bone will shrink

Once a tooth is removed, the bone in this area will slowly shrink as there is nothing left for it to adhere to. This can cause the surrounding teeth to become more unstable, and if too shallow, it won’t be possible to place an implant to restore a tooth in this area.

We recommend getting your missing teeth replaced ASAP with the aid of dental implants, a fixed bridge, or dentures, depending on your oral health. At Port Melbourne Dental, we are experts at helping our patients have beautiful and healthy smiles so call us today for your appointment!