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Intense Wisdom Teeth Pain? Here’s What You Need to Know!


Wisdom teeth are the final set of teeth to erupt inside your mouth. The time they do depends on your family history and gender, but usually occurs sometime during your mid teen years to your late twenties. The most common reason people get these teeth taken out is because of the unbearable pain that comes with it! Here’s what you need to know about this situation:

How to Manage the Discomfort

Most of the pain you’re feeling is due to the pressure and swelling caused by your wisdom teeth. Your feeling of discomfort is quite similar to that of a baby teething over a couple of months. From one day to the next, it’ll be common to feel sore. We recommend rinsing with warm, salt water and applying a cold compress to the side of your mouth before your visit to the practice to reduce any inflammation.

Are Other Teeth Affected?

If you’re feeling pain, this could point towards more complicated dental issues that affect your neighboring teeth as well. If you experience any soreness or a swollen jaw, don’t overlook it. We recommend scheduling a checkup to rule out any undiagnosed cysts or decay.

Does Wisdom Tooth Removal Hurt?

You shouldn’t feel any pain during this procedure as the area will be numb. Your comfort is our priority at PMD so we offer oral sedation options that will help ease your mind when getting your wisdom teeth removed.

Schedule a checkup every 6 months at PMD so we can catch any signs of impacted wisdom teeth, decay or infection as early as possible!