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Implants or Bridges: Which is the Best Choice?


Decided to replace your missing tooth but unsure of what steps to take? We have plenty of experience at Port Melbourne Dental when it comes to replacing teeth so we can lay out the options! With regards to permanent, non-removable options, you’re looking at implants or bridges. Which is the best for your particular smile? We’ve outlined the differences below:


Bridges make use of two crowns placed over the neighbouring teeth in order to suspend a false crown between them. Implants, on the other hand, are independent titanium roots placed in the jaw to support a fixed crown.


Since implants are independently attached, they have no impact on your adjacent teeth. Bridges, on the other hand, need support from the neighbouring teeth in order to add the restoration. Even if your neighbouring teeth are healthy, they will have to be altered for a crown to be placed over.

Bone health

How much tissue and how healthy your bone is in the area of the missing tooth will also affect your choice. If you don’t have enough bone in the area, it will not be able to support a full-sized implant. Your options then would be a bone graft or a bridge.


Dental bridges tend to last around 10 years, after which they’ll need replacing. Implants are one of the most long-term restorations available, with the right maintenance.  Caring for implants involves maintaining a regular oral hygiene routine. It’s very much like brushing or flossing your natural teeth. A bridge will require a few extra tools to clean under the restoration.

Schedule your appointment with Port Melbourne Dental and we’ll help assess which is the best option for your smile!