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How to Get the Most Out of Your New Crown


If you’ve recently gotten your first crown or replaced an old one, there are specific steps you can take to help it last as long as possible. With great care, your oral health investment will be functional for many years to come. 

Floss Your Crown Daily

The margins around your new crown need to be kept very clean. Brush them as you would your natural teeth, but floss them daily too. When done properly, flossing will not pull your crown off. However, not flossing could cause your crown to come out prematurely. 

To floss around a crown, gently slip the string between your teeth, wrap it snuggly up against the side of your crown, and then slide it under the gums as you rub up and down the side of the tooth. Come above the gums, then move to the adjacent tooth to keep flossing.

When you floss, it removes loose plaque biofilm that collects between teeth and along the margins of your new restoration. If left in place, plaque could start to form a cavity around the edge of your crown and contribute to gum disease.

Avoid Chewing Hard Objects

Habits can be hard to break. If you use your teeth to open packages, prop open hair pins, or grind while you’re sleeping, then it can cause your crown to wear down. 

You’ll likely know about these habits before getting your new crown. Be sure to discuss them with our Port Melbourne dentist beforehand, in case we need to fit you with a protective night guard or bite splint to wear when you’re sleeping. 

Schedule Regular Checkups

During your six-month checkup at PMD Dental Care, we’ll evaluate your entire smile to make sure things look the way they ought to. If minor problems are pinpointed, we can take steps to intervene before they get worse. 

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