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How to Clean Your Implant Supported Dental Bridge

woman with dental bridge at dentist

An implant supported dental bridge is a fixed restoration used to replace missing teeth.  A traditional dental bridge uses your natural teeth as anchors.  But if you have several missing teeth, then our Port Melbourne dentist may recommend one that uses implants as the anchors.  An implant is placed within the bone to serve as an artificial root.  A crown, or in this case, a bridge, is then attached to it.

With implants, there is no natural tooth to decay, but they can lose bone support if not cared for properly.  Since dental implants are placed directly in the bone, it is imperative that you have a thorough and dedicated cleaning routine.

Maintaining an implant supported dental bridge is not something that you should do alone.  Daily flossing and at home cleaning is strongly recommended, along with frequent dental visits for a proper scale and clean.  The team at PMD Dental Care in Port Melbourne uses special instruments that can effectively clean around your implant without causing any damage.

At home, you should remember these tips:

  • Tilt your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to ensure that the bristles are cleaning right along the edge of the bridge.
  • When brushing, don’t do it too hard, especially at the gum line. This can cause gum recession.
  • Be aware of your brushing, this is not a time to day dream. Pay close attention to what you are doing to ensure that you are reaching all areas of all of your teeth.  This includes the front, the back, the biting surface, and the gum line.
  • Use a floss threader along with traditional floss to clean under the bridge as well as around it. An air flosser or water flosser can also be used.
  • Finally, use mouth rinse to remove any loose particles that have been left behind from brushing and flossing.

When you have an implant, it is important to see PMD Dental Care in Port Melbourne regularly to help ensure longevity and optimal health.  We’ll provide you with tips and tricks to help you with proper implant maintenance.